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O. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz Dickert

Franz Dickert


The Boss. At the University of Vienna since 1994, he has built up the department of chemical sensors from the very start and established optical spectroskopy as different superfacial technics and methods at our institute. At the time he is vice dean for chemistry and head of the institute of analytical chemistry.


Ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Lieberzeit

Peter Lieberzeit


Peter is our highly experienced coworker within the group. Meanwhile associate professor and clerk of the graduate program.


Dr. Stephan Aigner

Stephan Aigner

  • +431 4277 52372
  • stephan.aigner@univie.ac.at


He is working on the detektion of bloodcells continuing the work of Alexandra Seifner, PhD and had finished his PhD-thesis in 2011.


 Saadia Zafar Bajwa, MSc.

Saadia Zafar Bajwa

  • +43 1 4277 52318
  • sadya2002pk[at]yahoo.co.at


Saadia is working on oil detection during her PhD.


Serpil Can, MSc.

Serpil Can 


Serpil (her daughter Rüya Nil Can on the right side) is working on liquid sensors during her PhD.


Mustafa Ghulam, MSc.

Mustafa Ghulam


Mustafais guest Ph.D. scholar from Pakistan and working on thiols and molecular partikel-imprints.


Munawar Hussain, MSc.

Munawar Hussain


Munawar is working on oil degradation detection.


Nasser Iqbal, MSc.

Nasser Iqbal


Naseer is working on sensorarrays.


Kira Kotowa


  • +43 1 4277 52372


Kira is working on the detection of Ephedrin.


Mag. Christoph Langsam

Christoph Langsam

  • +43 1 4277 52318


Christoph is writing his master thesis in detection of proteins. He is working on the continuation of the knowledge of Romana Schirhagl.


Usman Latif, PhD

Usman Latif


Usman is working on the detection of motoroil components and finished his PhD-thesis 2011.


Mag. Judith Wackerlig

Judith Mähner

  • +43 1 4277 52371


Judith is working on her PhD. She is working on the detection of biological agents.


Mag. Jianjin Qian

Jianjin Qian

  • +43 1 4277 52318


Is working on her PhD about detection of antibodies.


Mag. Renata Samardzic

Renata is working on b- und w-stam E.Coli. .


Mag. Hermann Sussitz

  • +43 1 4277 52370


He is PhD-student and works with AFM and sensors.


Martin Zeilinger


He works with QCM-sensors for drug detection.


Ralph Dumler 



He works with IDC-sensors.


 Nam Phan Van Ho, MSc



He is a guest student from Vietnam and he is working in the field of protein detection with chemical sensors.


Nipa Jongkon, MSc


She is a guest PhD-student from Thailand and she is working with QCMs in the field of  chemical sensors.


Acharee Suksuwan, BSc


He is a guest student from Thailand and he is working with QCMs in Liquids.



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