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Chemosensors and optical Molecular Spectroscopy

Institut for Analytical Chemistry

University of Vienna

Head of Department: O. Univ. Prof. Franz L. Dickert 
 Tel. 4277/52317    FAX: 4277/9523     Franz.Dickert@univie.ac.at
Address:Währingerstr. 38, 1090 Vienna

Our Areas of Research:

Mainly our Activities focus on the area of chemical sensors. Under the leadership of o. Univ. Prof. Dr. F.L. Dickert, head of the Faculty of Chemistry we set new accents in the research of sensitiv Materials, e.g. for detection of  Schadstoffen in gases and liquids. One Area of research hereby is the development of sensor layers based on supramolecular junctions like e.g. Cavitymolecules or tidily structured Phases. These are combined with the most different principles of detection, e.g. mass sensitive, capazitive, resistive or optical transducers.

Organic Macrocycles like Cyclodextrine, Calixarene oder Paracyclophane create enzym analougous Receptors, which diffenrentiate analytes after their form and their stereoelectronic interaction. Further more highly developed sensor materials are polymers with selective points of interaction, which can be produced with the new technology of molecular imprinting: By polymerisation on-chip in the presence of the interesting analyte, optimized holes and pathes of diffusion are generated inside the polymer. After washing the analyte off, the polymer can be used as highly specific sensor layer.  This process issues an interesting possibility of  industrial production in combination with optimized technologies for building layers.

As for designated sensor design as well as for optimum reporting, computers are useful aids. Computational Modeling methods enable the prediction of suitable receptors, so that the time of develpoment can be reduced drastically. The selectivity of sensorarrays can be raised drastically with methods of multivariant data analysis, like neural networks. In this way one gets 'electronic enzymes', which can achive detection limits in sub-ppb-Level additionally to their high selectivity.

Chemical Sensors and Optical Molecular Spectroscopy
Institute of Analytical Chemistry
University of Vienna

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