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Analytical Chemistry

Molekular Imprinting / molekular Recognition. Prof. Dr.  Franz Dickert, Ao-Prof. Dr. Lieberzeit

Sensor strategies for the detection of microorganisms - from physical principles to the imprinting process

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Biodegradation of composts can be followed due to a an artificial nose. Synthethic antibodies based on molecular  imprinting are combined to a sensor-array for the key analytes.
Nanostructured polymer layer surfaces are produced by  imprints of single viruses. These polymers  allow highly sensitive enrichment of viruses, even from the most complex matrices, like plant liquids..
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Molecularly imprinted Sol-Gels can be used for degradation process recording of motor oil. This chemical monitoring of the aging process can be achieved independently of traces of water and fuel.
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Chemical Sensors and Optical Molecular Spectroscopy
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